Visit MyParking.msstate.edu to purchase student and staff permits.

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Annual Parking Permits

Students, staff and faculty can find annual permit and registration information below, ParkMobile daily permit and metered information can be found on the "Visitor Parking" tab.

All annual permits are digital and linked to your license plate. It is imperative that the license plate number be entered correctly during the permit purchasing process and that the license plate be visible from the parking lot drive aisle so that the enforcement vehicle can scan the license plate. For your convenience. vehicle and permit management can be done on your parking portal at myparking.msstate.edu. If you need to remove a vehicle from your account, please contact our office. 

A repositionable windshield credential will be mailed to those who purchase a gated permit. This permit is not a valid parking credential, only a gate activation device. Residential and Greek students will also receive a repositionable windshield credential for access into their zone on gamedays, excluding RV parking areas until post-game. 

Permit Registration

  1. Go to myparking.msstate.edu and login using your netID. 
  2. Select the appropriate permit tab and the permit type for purchase.
  3. Follow the instructions and provide requested information to continue the registration process.

2024-2025 Permit Prices

Classification Full Year
Gated Faculty/Staff $500
Retired Gated Faculty/Staff $250
Parking Garage North $850
Regular Faculty/Staff $200
Retired Faculty/Staff $100
Vendors $550
Motorcycles $160 
Residential Students $250
Residential EV Permit additional $100 fee
Commuter Students $200
Graduate Assistants $200
Maroon Permits $150
Time Limited $25
Daily Permits $5

Prorated Permit Prices

Commuter Waitlist

Commuters will have the option to add themselves to the new commuter waitlist. If you do not receive the zone of your choice you can add yourself to the commuter waitlist through the parking portal at myparking.msstate.edu.

This can be done by selecting "Add/Edit Waitlist" located at the top of the parking portal page as well as below "Get Permit" at the bottom of the parking portal page. The commuter can choose and rank their top 3 zones to be added to the waitlist. If you are awarded one of your waitlist choices, you will receive an email with the zone you are awarded. You will have 3 business days to come in to our office at the Roberts Building with your award letter to switch your permitted zone. After 3 business days, you will be removed from the commuter waitlist and will have to re-add yourself. 

If you are awarded your first choice, you will come off the waitlist for your second and third choice. If you are awarded your second choice, you will come off your third choice and remain on your first choice. If you are awarded your third choice, you will remain on your first and second choice.

The commuter waitlist is awarded on a first come first serve basis.

Gold Star family members and Purple Heart recipients

Complimentary permits are available for students, faculty and staff who are Gold Star family members or Purple Heart recipients. Please contact the Transportation office for more information or if you have any questions.

Designated Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles must have a valid MSU permit. We offer designated motorcycle parking spaces that are strategically placed throughout the campus. Motorcycles are not allowed to park at bicycle racks. Motorcycles may park in designated motorcycle parking areas, or any valid parking space within your student or staff zone and must obey all state laws. Registration of your motorcycle permits must be completed in person at the Transportation office, located in the Roberts Building. Only staff with valid MSU gated permits can park motorcycles in gated lots.