Buckner Lane Fuel Station

Parking & Transit Services maintains and administers the fuel facility on Buckner Lane for the use of any university department. It is the goal of Parking & Transit Services to maintain a clean, adequate supply of unleaded, non-ethanol and diesel fuel for this purpose.


The Parking & Transit Services' fuel station is located at the end of Buckner Lane, adjacent to the Transit Services' facility. Buckner Lane can be found on Blackjack Road on the south side of campus, between the Stone Boulevard intersection and the Oktoc Road roundabout.

Hours of Operation: 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

Administrative hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM. You must have a fuel card and pin number to obtain fuel.

How to Obtain Fuel Card or Fuel PIN

How to Use Pumps

  • Insert Card
  • Enter pin number
  • Enter mileage of vehicle
  • Enter pump number desired: 1 for Diesel, 2 for unleaded gas, 3 for non-ethanol 
  • Remove nozzle and turn on pump
  • Dispense fuel
  • Upon completion, hang nozzle back on pump
  • Card and pin number are maintained by the department who owns the vehicle
  • Banner Account number provided on application form is charged each month and invoice is sent showing each fuel transaction recorded
  • If you have problems or questions, please call Parking & Transit Services at (662) 325-5771