Visit to appeal and manage parking citations.

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Appeals & Citations

Student, Staff and Faculty appeals must be made within 14 days of receiving the citation, all appeals are managed by the Dean of Student's Appeals Board. Visitors can appeal in person at the Transportation office located in the Roberts Building or email

If you have a question or issue regarding a parking citation, please contact our office.

How to Make An Appeal

  1. Go to and login using your NetID and Net Password.
  2. Select the "Citations" tab and the citation in which you intend to appeal.
  3. Provide all the requested information and submit the appeal. Once you have correctly filled out the information, you will be notified that the appeal has been submitted successfully.
  4. The appeal board will then make a decision based on all of the information and the decision is communicated via e-mail.
  5. For student appeals, a $5 appeal processing fee is charged if the appeal is denied by the board.

Parking Citations

Violation Fine
Parked in Handicap $200
Gate Manipulation $200
Shared Permit $200
Parked on Landscape/Grass $150
Parked in Gated/Service Space $150
Obstruction Vehicle/Pedestrian/Bicycle Way $150
After Hours Boot Removal $150
Boot $100
Unpermitted Vehicle $50, 100, 100 + Boot
Not Parked in Designated Parking Space  $50
Fire Hydrant/Fire Lane $50
In a Reserve/Exclusive Space $50
Gameday Reserve/Towing $50
Overtime Parking $30
Double Parking $30
Out of Zone $30
License Plate Not Visible  $30
Parking Facing Wrong Way/Left to Curb  $30

Police Citations

Violation Fine
Littering $200
Speeding $150
Disregard Traffic Control Device $150
No Driver's License $100
Improper Passing $100
Wrong Way on a One Way $100
Obstructing Roadway $100
Failure to Yield $100
Driving on Sidewalk/Grass/Restricted Area $100
Careless Driving $100
Distracted Driving $100
Disregard for Sign & Direction Indicator/ Other Unlawful Direction Command $50
Disregard for Crosswalk $50
Seatbelt Violation $50
Excessive Horn $50
Noisemaking Muffler/Cutout $50
Bicycle Violation $50