Shuttle Reservation Details

Parking & Transit Services is pleased to provide vehicle reservations on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Vehicle reservations are available to any MSU department or non-MSU person or group who has an event with an origin or destination on the Starkville campus.
  • All reservations are based upon availability and include a driver. Vehicles may only be operated by one of our assigned drivers.
  • If a department or party needs transportation for day trips (no overnight trips), a vehicle may be reserved. 
  • Wheelchair-accessible shuttles are available upon request.
  • Vehicles do not have on-board restrooms or luggage racks.
  • Any requests which require vehicles to operate in gated areas or streets which are blocked by bollards may be assessed additional fees from Mississippi State University Transportation.
  • We ask that you please provide all appropriate and necessary directions, maps, information concerning cost of admission fees, cost of storage or parking fees and group/individual itineraries upon submission of the reservation form. 
  • All reservation requests must be booked at least 14 business days in advance of the needed date. Any reserving department or party who submits a reservation form less than 14 business days prior to the requested service date is subject to a non-refundable "Late Processing Fee" if the service is approved. This charge is in addition to all other rates and fees. 
  • When a form is submitted for late processing, we will do our best to schedule the reservation. However, it does not guarantee that the service will be available.
  • When a reserving department or party submits a request form, we ask that all portions of the form are completed, include all necessary information, and have an authorized signature. If not, the form will be returned which may force a delay in processing the request.
  • Event reservation request forms along with any other required paperwork may be emailed to or sent to Mailstop 9568 via campus mail.
  • Request for services outside of these guidelines can be made and considered by the Director of Transportation.


  • Charges for services are calculated at a flat hourly rate per vehicle, which includes the driver and fuel. There is a three-hour minimum charge and payment is due within 30 days of the billing date.
  • The "Late Processing Fee" is a non-refundable fee which is applied when vehicle request forms are submitted less than 14 business days prior to the requested event date. This fee is charged upon approval of service and will be charged even if service is cancelled. This is in addition to all other rates and fees. Billing times begin 30 minutes prior to when the vehicles are scheduled to arrive at your pick-up location. Billing times end 30 minutes after the vehicles have returned to the bus yard.

Cancellation Policy & Fees

Cancellations on the date of service will be assessed to the current cancellation fee. Failure to cancel service which is no longer needed may result in your party being billed for the entire time service has been scheduled for, the number of vehicles reserved, and all applicable fees.

Cancellation Time Rate/Fee

  • More than 72 hours from service date - No charge (unless late processing fee is applicable)
  • 72 hours from date of service - $30.00 per hour scheduled vehicle (plus late processing fee, if applicable)
  • 48 hours from date of service - $60.00 per hour scheduled, per vehicle (plus late processing fee, if applicable)
  • 24 hours from date of service - Three hour minimum per vehicle scheduled (plus late processing fee, if applicable)
  • Failure to cancel service - Full time, per number of vehicles scheduled and all fees

Additional Charges

  • The reserving department or party is responsible for any fees incurred during the event, including road or bridge tolls, parking or storage fees, and admission fees for the driver(s).
  • If Transportation deems it necessary to add additional vehicles for the reserving department or party during the scheduled event, the regular hourly rate per vehicle will apply. Please note that our normal shuttle capacity averages 30 riders per shuttle. Standing is not permitted in any of these vehicles.
  • All vehicles are cleaned at no additional charge. However, if the reserving department or party abuses a vehicle so that it requires extensive cleaning or repairs, there may be additional charges.

Billing Policy

  • Charges will be billed in the month that services are rendered. Parking & Transit Services will process an interdepartmental journal voucher to the department's BANNER account provided on the request form. A copy of the invoice will be sent to Mail Stop provided. For organizations without a BANNER account, all charges will be billed directly to the 9-digit MSU account services number provided or mailed to the address provided on the request form.
  • If your department intends for an off-campus vendor to provide funding, it remains the responsibility of your department to provide payment.
  • All services must be paid in full within 30 days of the billing date. Failure to remit payment within 30 days will result in a $25.00 (per month late) service charge. Failure to pay in a timely manner can result in a departmental hold on your account.
  • Transportation reserves the right to refuse service to any department or organization with an outstanding balance due for previously provided services.
  • If an agreement has been made between two or more departments or groups, where one department will be providing funds for payment, the request form must be filled out and signed by the authorized representative from BOTH groups.

Rules and Regulations

Possession of hazardous materials or weapons, as well as the use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or other drugs is strictly prohibited. At no time shall the driver be encouraged or pressured to break a law or circumvent our policies. Our drivers must adhere to all laws and limitations set forth by Mississippi State University and by the state of Mississippi. Passengers are prohibited from using any camera with a flash on all vehicles. The flash impairs the ability of the driver to safely operate the vehicle. Violation of these policies will result in the immediate termination of the reservation.