Front License Plate

All license plates must be visible from the drive aisle. For those that wish to continue to park in a space with their vehicle front facing the drive aisle, we now offer custom MSU license plates that can be displayed on the front of your vehicle and linked to your annual permit. Below are the details:

  • The license plate is only active and available for purchase by those with an active annual permit.
  • The license plate will expire with the annual permit, but the plate will be renewed with the purchase of another year's annual permit, a new plate will not be needed each year.
  • A custom MSU license plate is a one-time cost of $30 and can be purchased in the Transportation¬†Office in the Roberts Building.
  • Only one license plate can be purchased per permit.
  • The MSU issued license plate cannot serve in the place of a state issued license plate.

MSU Front License Plate